A collection of arcane, and perhaps at times the most inane of my thoughts.

Experiments - v3

Interesting irony trying to push faster the C++ pipeline - more to speed than appears. Spawned a $6 droplet (what DigitalOcean calls Premium AMD with NVMe) to test the C++ pipeline arm. Some numbers/thoughts, with pinch of salt given this is nowhere close to scientific an assay. ... [more]

Of a thorn, a rose, and a mythical unicorn

No rose without a thorn but many a thorn without a rose. /endquote ... [more]

Experiments - v2

Extending on the experimental pipeline, made a couple of changes today. ... [more]

Experiments - v1

Planning to stop doing threads on Twitter and jot down experiments here going ahead. ... [more]

Philosophical ponderings - Episode 4

aruṇācala kavirāyar makes what would sound rather bold a statement in his introduction to kuṛaḷ vacanam. "Old commentaries focused on grammar and literary wealth but not on dharma etc for laity". ... [more]

Philosophical ponderings - Episode 3

vedānta deśika says drāhyāyaṇas are not paramaikāntis but doesn't quote beyond a cursory karmārambha rudraviṣaya prapadana as the reason. The said sāmaveda mantrabrāhmaṇa prayoga is enclosed by gṛhyakāra but the entirety is at best what vedānta deśika would say in the course of "bādhante saguṇa śrutīn" ... [more]

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