A collection of arcane, and perhaps at times the most inane of my thoughts.

When Twitter Cards become poetry of the bards

Read The F*ing Manual is in general a good maxim to live by. But, what if the manual is all over the place? Or, if the manual's readers are the ones who in some obscure note, give the info you need? ... [more]

UX - Is that experience, or extortion

I do understand the point of serving ads as a way to monetise and/or keeping things running. Yes, The Hindu is bleeding for long now, but this is nothing short of obscene. The first time the page loaded, a wide Amazon ad covered the title + first paragraph here. ... [more]

TIL Series - Devil is in the details

As with every experiment a developer makes, deployment, even if it were testing, is hard. The disciplined flow of take a singular feature, build it to a MUP, deploy it to figure things is a tall ask. I would not say this is because most development cycles are haphazard. As I have observed, a good chunk comes from trying to get the best possible version out. ... [more]

Philosophical ponderings - Episode 2

The precursor to the kailāsārohaṇa parvā episode where kṛṣṇa asks for a vara from sarvajña rudra lies in the kapālamokṣaghaṭṭa. And interesting as it is, the former also has some commonplace takeaways. ... [more]

A life, some sentences, and more - Episode 1

The walls are opening, or so he thinks aloud in his mind. "After all, life sentences are 14 years and not more", his sigh reflecting his decade and more of wait thus far. The long days and longer than ever nights of a penitentiary kill a man inside out; he's no stranger to either. ... [more]

Philosophical ponderings - Episode 1

The peculiar concern with the four prongs, is the inability to hold water in a tenable manner. This, we discuss in the context of four modes/means as considered by some of the śrīvaiṣṇava schools. Take for example the case of matadīpikā where the author has a two fold folder - bhaktiprapattibhyāṃ prasannaḥ sa evopāyaḥ. Insofar as the authority of it as a handbook of the school's metaphysics, its acceptance is a given. ... [more]

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