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Philosophical ponderings - Episode 3

vedānta deśika says drāhyāyaṇas are not paramaikāntis but doesn't quote beyond a cursory karmārambha rudraviṣaya prapadana as the reason. The said sāmaveda mantrabrāhmaṇa prayoga is enclosed by gṛhyakāra but the entirety is at best what vedānta deśika would say in the course of "bādhante saguṇa śrutīn"

For more than obvious reasons, I should sit on this interesting problem sometime over the weekend. After all, it is only drāhyāyaṇa that makes clear statements with kāmabali unlike say āpastambha where commentaries have to come to help.

That aside, there is one tricky situation here of tables being turned - guhapraṇāma during pravāsāgamana can be construed on said above lines.

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