A collection of arcane, and perhaps at times the most inane of my thoughts.

Of a night, a knight, and a drained old fight

The gentle breeze of the valleys cooing now, the mild chills now had some company. The chills to his heart, with a sly smirk like an art, extending on as nights stood watching. ... [more]

Not so Insta[nt]gram

Realized a while back that IG on web finally has support to save posts "into collections". And that also indicates why the add to collection tap action is slow as a snail that I tweeted about last week. For each collection, end point returns pretty much all you can ask for about it. ... [more]

A rose by its own given name

Someone somewhere does get triggered with well structured arguments, after all. Be that as it may, a few pointless points on why it does not quite make sense to address the individual as he is, as it stands. ... [more]

Mutatis mutandis and a mute praying mantis

A good friend shared a message about Prince of Arcot's message in response to Mr. Rizvi's petition to the SC. This something that I thought was ludicrous to begin with, seems to still be making its rounds. A few points on the issue from my observations. ... [more]

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