A collection of arcane, and perhaps at times the most inane of my thoughts.

GDrive woes - Wait while we queue up

It has been a fair while since I worked with HTML forms and given my lost focus, I'm probably missing something quite obvious here. So, that's that. ... [more]

TIL Series - 2

Found this excellent talk on security in serverless apps while browsing through recommendations. ... [more]

Life metas

Found this on Crisp today; quite the meta I should say. ... [more]

TIL Series - 1

This starts a clean slate with some TIL stuff; or re-learnings in some cases. ... [more]

Of some odd ironies

Thanks to Youtube's ever dependable* recommendation algorithm, ended up on a video about React and Frontend development. Natural as it is, switched gears to look into the speaker's homepage and their text content to get more details. ... [more]

Burning candles on both ends - a poor idea of balancing

Guess I'm after a few more rounds, going through another phase of burnout. The number of times I felt this earlier has been far low compared to the current, to be dispassionate. ... [more]

Deployment and validation woes

Had made a minor addition to the existing API to prevent duplicate payments - a point of trouble that came up a month back. Since we had to bear the cost of duplicate payments, decided we'll add a check to check bills for markers like date, biller, and such. ... [more]

Docker compose - Basics

Found this pretty good, short introduction to docker compose. As much as I have been working with compose for a while, I do tend to forget things from time to time. ... [more]

Track deletions on git

git log is today's saviour. While working on some changes to tests, ended up dropping an entire case replacing it with other flows. Of course, it had to be the one touching the core of changes - if not, where's fun in things? ... [more]

Some python after long

The event parsing for our stack is written in Python and I get to write some Python code after ages together. Mostly extending the existing boilerplate but a welcome break nonetheless. ... [more]

Golang woes #1

Had a PR in the morning and one of the cases had multiple Strings.contains checks in a waterfall, so to speak. Something that a dict/interface would solve in part, sure. But the comfort that something like "XYZ" in a provides, is truly a world apart. Tradeoffs galore. ... [more]

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