A collection of arcane, and perhaps at times the most inane of my thoughts.

When a borg bonks the head

Stumbled upon an interesting trick with Python thanks to a talk on design patterns. The Borg design pattern is new to me, as a replacement for the simpleton. What caught my attention is the way it handles shared state instead of a shared singleton object. ... [more]

From prop drilling to framework drilling

There are in general two ways to learn something - observing either its effects, or its core. Learning languages/frameworks in application and their internals would be a parallel. ... [more]

Fail fast, fail often, but always fail in the open

A recent watch reminded me of an old discussion about silent failures. If I remember right, this is from my earlier times at crisp. One of those was with Santosh, my colleague (we spoke less tech and more about life towards the end). ... [more]

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