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Burning candles on both ends - a poor idea of balancing

Guess I'm after a few more rounds, going through another phase of burnout. The number of times I felt this earlier has been far low compared to the current, to be dispassionate.

But all said and done, this time around, there's some clarity now. The need to take some hard decisions about personal matters has come up strong.

Professional life, may well have seen its crescendo for a while, I presume. Until it begins to rise up again that's much understandable to be fair.

Dale Carnegie's phrase of creatures of emotion, and irrational use of the latter, does irk much. And now, the need to disconnect while being aware of the painful "not useful enough" thought, the next woe.

Given it did work wonders for a year, it might again - but therein lies the caveat. The previous had two sides to the entire thing - a scheduled life and plugging away after 6 in every sense.

Now, if I could find something that will let me do that, that would do me wonders.

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