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TIL Series - 1

This starts a clean slate with some TIL stuff; or re-learnings in some cases.

Sometime last evening, got bogged down by a lack of progress with work. Primary culprit of late has been the lack of bandwidth for anything that is complete new a learning.

Perks, I presume of running a lap after running the last few a little too fast; burning out is a pain. Nonetheless, tried my trusted formula of small wins to keep me going and with the current, don't quite see one.

So decided to get back to the close to heart pipeline of the last six years; this time, a complete breaking out of sorts. And that does come from some learnings in the current space, no doubt.

What if, instead of a single collection for a category, we have independent databases for each? After all, the composition does happen at one place and one place only for the user.

Did sound a bit weird the first time I thought about it and for all one knows, could be a bad footprint at the end of the day. But, decided to break it up and give it a shot.

This time, asyncio on docker compose for easy communication between services. There did exist some interesting gotchas, can't deny that when happening at 2 AM. But, a good learning with a few related but unexplored concerns tapped.

Have a long-ish way ahead to go but I guess I can find some peace. In being able to be happy that I'm not all lost when it comes to building stuff, there's sure some peace.

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