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Philosophical ponderings - Episode 2

The precursor to the kailāsārohaṇa parvā episode where kṛṣṇa asks for a vara from sarvajña rudra lies in the kapālamokṣaghaṭṭa. And interesting as it is, the former also has some commonplace takeaways.

Quoting relevant references to the episode back from varāhapurāṇa,

sarvajñastvaṃ na sandeho jñānarāśiḥ sanātanaḥ |
devānāṃ ca paraḥ pūjyaḥ sarvadā tvaṃ bhaviṣyasi ||
māṃ vahasva ca deveśaṃ varaṃ matto gṛhāṇa ca |
yenāḥaṃ sarvadevānāṃ pūjyātpūjyataro'bhavam ||
tvāmevārādhayiṣyāmi tvaṃ ca me varado bhava |

This aside, the same kailāsārohaṇaparvā also contains the vṛttānta of ghaṇṭākarṇa's mokṣa. The mokṣa vicāra repudiates the consideration that kṛṣṇa was mānuṣa (clarifying his usage of mānuṣatvamupāgtaḥ) or aparaḥ (as considered by many dārtarāṣṭrabandhus and modern day bandhus)

All these śāstra considerations aside, there is point of practical consideration here. After all, "BhagavadGita for management" is what sells these days.

If you ascribe someone to a position, equal, less, or otherwise, but remain the consistent micro-manager taking everything onto your plate, beside the usual lack of productivity, you are also going to undermine the position you created, and in the long run with smart enough people, raise a question about your own ability to run things.

As the management maxim goes, find the best, leave to them the rest, trust that your choice is good to get you all to a fest.

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