A collection of arcane, and perhaps at times the most inane of my thoughts.

When a borg bonks the head

Stumbled upon an interesting trick with Python thanks to a talk on design patterns....[more]

From prop drilling to framework drilling

There are in general two ways to learn something - observing either its effects, or its core....[more]

Fail fast, fail often, but always fail in the open

A recent watch reminded me of an old discussion about silent failures....[more]

Wherefore doth thee use Linux

Distrotube's video on Win10 upgrade goes the path that every GNU+Linux user has done over years....[more]


Helping Pandas, sans Pandas, with one step more

A long carried question of mine has been this - how many Pandas does this push trouble? Lacking context, this does sound as bizarre as most of my questions....[more]

Of a night, a knight, and a drained old fight

The gentle breeze of the valleys cooing now, the mild chills now had some company....[more]

Not so Insta[nt]gram

Realized a while back that IG on web finally has support to save posts "into collections"....[more]

A rose by its own given name

Someone somewhere does get triggered with well structured arguments, after all....[more]

Mutatis mutandis and a mute praying mantis

A good friend shared a message about Prince of Arcot's message in response to Mr....[more]

Experiments - v3

Interesting irony trying to push faster the C++ pipeline - more to speed than appears....[more]

Experiments - v2

Extending on the experimental pipeline, made a couple of changes today....[more]


Experiments - v1

Planning to stop doing threads on Twitter and jot down experiments here going ahead....[more]


When Twitter Cards become poetry of the bards

Read The F*ing Manual is in general a good maxim to live by....[more]

UX - Is that experience, or extortion

I do understand the point of serving ads as a way to monetise and/or keeping things running....[more]

TIL Series - Devil is in the details

As with every experiment a developer makes, deployment, even if it were testing, is hard....[more]

A life, some sentences, and more - Episode 1

The walls are opening, or so he thinks aloud in his mind....[more]

TIL Series - 3

A few weeks back, wanted to take a break from the downhill rush and get back to building things....[more]

GDrive woes - Wait while we queue up

It has been a fair while since I worked with HTML forms and given my lost focus, I'm probably missing something quite obvious here....[more]

TIL Series - 2

Found this excellent talk on security in serverless apps while browsing through recommendations....[more]


Life metas

Found this on Crisp today; quite the meta I should say....[more]


TIL Series - 1

This starts a clean slate with some TIL stuff; or re-learnings in some cases....[more]


Of some odd ironies

Thanks to Youtube's ever dependable* recommendation algorithm, ended up on a video about React and Frontend development....[more]

Deployment and validation woes

Had made a minor addition to the existing API to prevent duplicate payments - a point of trouble that came up a month back....[more]

Docker compose - Basics

Found this pretty good, short introduction to docker compose....[more]

Track deletions on git

git log is today's saviour....[more]

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