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Wherefore doth thee use Linux

Distrotube's video on Win10 upgrade goes the path that every GNU+Linux user has done over years.

There's a list of reasons why people choose Windows (or Winblows, if one may). And, one doesn't find "freedom", "ability to customize to heart's content". It plain works.


Would the early 2000s me get interested in any of it? Yes.

From Gentoo/Arch derivs to compiling modem drivers because the arbit OS that ships, conks, I'd.

Now, I choose stability.


So much so, that my current "rig", the infamous Celeron mobile board I mention of late, runs Lubuntu and I am good.

Close to zero "eye-candy", but rock solid when it comes to delivering my builds. Yeah, Youtube/GMail are still a pain up my anus, but they're no anomaly.


In contrast, LTT's Anthony does some good job I'd say (and certain others too, that I can't remember).

What are the convertible cohorts that use Windows? Gamers, Average home users.


Content about how Steam and driver stability has made AAA gaming easy, covers the former.

The latter, hardly bother as long as their work gets done. The only qualm is to make them do the mental transition to something like say, Zorin(/Lite).


Anything else, in honesty, is barking up the wrong tree. That said, credit where due; DistroTube/Derek has some good content.

Content to get feet wet with Bash/GNU utils/general GNU+Linux ecosystem is solid.

I do wish this randomized stone throw gets left in the past.

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